Headlight Info


7'' Round LED Headlights


We are happy to announce the release of our new 7’’ round headlight line. The headlights will come in 3 different variations. The headlights will be offered in silver, black and black with a switchback halo. The switchback halo is white while you are driving and when the turn signals are used the halo will turn amber and flash with the turn signals and/or the flashers. 

Headlight Specs


Headlight Specs:
- All of the variations offered are made of a high-quality aluminum die cast housing making the headlights shock proof and dust proof!
- The headlights are all DOT approved!
- The lenses we use in the headlights are all UV-resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant! This will ensure the headlights have a long life without fading and continue to produce a crystal-clear light!
- Aiding in the crystal-clear light output that our lights produce is the high level of electroplating we use on our reflector cups. This electroplating process also ensures a uniform light output to prevent the light from blinding oncoming traffic when the headlight is adjusted properly.
- All of the headlight variations offered include a IP67 waterproofing
- The headlights are a direct bolt on upgrade and plug directly into you OEM headlight wiring making the install simple and clean! 


Silver 7'' round headlight $400.00

Black 7'' round headlight $400.00

Black 7'' round headlight with switchback $450.00


When you are ready to place your order please give us a call or send us an email and we will get your new headlights ready for pickup! If shipping is required that is not a problem. We will get your order packaged and ready to be shipped out the same day.  

Give us a call at (503)502-3157